At Alexandra Park Primary School, we provide our children with a high-quality MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) education that engages and inspires children. Through MFL teaching children have the opportunity to discover various cultures, develop communication and social skills, and gain a greater understanding of language structure. They will learn key Spanish vocabulary and grammar, develop their understanding of different societies and ways of life, and engage in collaborative work with their peers to encourage their language and communication.

Through MFL lessons, children are inspired to develop a curiosity and understanding of various cultures, societies and traditions across the Spanish-speaking world. Children gain confidence and communication skills through the use of collaborative work with their peers, and are encouraged to work on their speaking and listening skills. MFL covers a variety of topics to increase self-awareness, such as Presenting Myself, My Family, and Hobbies, and this work encourages the acceptance of different experiences and interests within their class. Additionally, children learn about Spanish cultures and traditions to develop their understanding of diverse places and people across the world. The MFL curriculum at Alexandra Park enables children to develop communication skills that are transferable to other subjects, and children are encouraged to recognise similarities and differences between Spanish and English. The curriculum is designed to ensure that as pupils progress through Key Stage 2, their understanding of the grammatical structure of Spanish is built-upon and develops in line with new vocabulary learning. Long term plans are designed to ensure that learning is sequential and developed over time, and allows children to build on prior knowledge to ensure that children know more and remember more.