Educate Awards


Our school’s ‘Aspire’ value is one which we focus on developing in all our children. Quite simply, we want them to be aspirational for what they can achieve so that whilst at our school and in  their future lives they are the best possible versions of themselves. We want to provide them with as many opportunities as possible so that they have the aspirations to dream big and equally have the work ethic and vision to achieve these goals. 

A huge part of this is our ‘Aspire Programme’, which every child is part of from their very first day at our school. We want all our children to be inspired to learn more about the world around them and the opportunities open to them so that they can become the scientists, leaders, musicians, sports people and entrepreneurs of the future. Through the Aspire Programme, children have the opportunity to work with businesses on a range of projects such as a £10 challenge, work with local councillors to develop our local park, work with artists and musicians and engage in a range of sporting opportunities. Our children have even played rugby with Prince Harry! They have listened to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, started a rock band and cycled at Manchester Velodrome. They have sung with thousands at the Young Voices event and, equally important, for a few at the local old people’s home.

Each class has an Aspire Book that travels with them through school. This gives our children the chance to reflect on the range of opportunities that they have experienced at our school. Our aim is, through these experiences, our children have the curiosity, ambition and confidence to achieve in their futures. A key event that inspires our children is our annual Oscars ceremony, where children and staff dress up like film stars and walk the red carpet. During the ceremony, we sit back and enjoy a variety of performances from our children. Oscars are received for demonstrating Care, Aspire and Achieve. Celebrations then continue back at school with our ‘after show parties’ 

It was great for our school community that we were recognised for our commitment for providing our children with the opportunities which potentially shape their lives. Before the pandemic, we were runners up in the Educate ‘Most Inspirational Primary School’ Award. We now feel we are entering a new and exciting time in education and are working hard to provide even more, and a higher standard of Aspire opportunities for all our children. Please see our newsletters and Aspire page for updates.