Anti Prejudice

We are very proud our value of Care is embedded in our children’s behaviour and reflected in the decision they make and how they treat other people. We also understand they are children and part of growing up is sometimes making poor choices. As a school community, we support  every child in making positive choices but through restorative approaches we also focus on helping children learn from any poor choice they make so that in the future they are more informed and intrinsically know to make the right choices. This creates a Caring culture across the school, which is driven by both adults and children. One example of how the children led this was their fantastic approach to the introduction of antibullying. The children at Alexandra Park are passionate, not just about making the right choices themselves, but also about respectfully challenging or supporting others when they make poor choices. This approach of being ‘anti’ negative behaviour is something we have since developed and, although it is not an official accolade, we are very proud that we are an anti prejudice school. This is so important to us that  we planned our own training and action plan to achieve this status. Our success criteria is not an award or certificate – it is the actions and behaviours of our children and staff of whom we are very proud!

Some of the actions we have taken towards becoming an anti prejudice school are:

Assemblies on protected characteristics, diversity, antibullying, International Women's Day, refugee week, United Nations, dyslexia and autism (both led by children and were amazing!) 
Class forums to provide the children with a voice to discuss key issues. 
A carefully designed broad and balanced curriculum which celebrates difference, diversity and our school values.  
An induction process which provides a high level of support, particularly for children and families who are international new arrivals and families with EAL.
Externally delivered strategic EAL training for our leadership team and implementation and awareness training for our all our team. 
Wellbeing leads who promote and support good choices across school, and in class forums.
Picture News as a stimulus for oracy activities which focus on protected characteristics, British values & rights of the child.
Consistent chance, choice, consequence behaviour policy across school where children are have it explained to them why their behaviour is not in line with our school values and given an opportunity to change
Children valued and celebrated for showing Care through the Viking Awards and our Values Oscars
Anti-prejudice day, where diversity is celebrated. Children produce a child-friendly anti-prejudice policy and expressed their opinions through the arts.