Our School


On behalf of all staff and governors, I would like to welcome you to Alexandra Park Primary School.

The years at school are of vital importance. It is the time when attitudes are formed which affect the whole of your child’s education and his or her later life. Our school aims to provide a happy atmosphere where positive attitudes are fostered, where your child feels confident and secure, can mature socially, emotionally and educationally and can develop qualities of independence, self-discipline and respect for others.

Our school expects high standards of behaviour and attitude to work. I know that as parents you will share my expectations and give your full support.

When a child starts school, he or she may have many worries and anxieties that to an adult seem minor, but to the child appear colossal. At Alexandra Park Primary School, we understand this and recognise that partnership with parents is essential to enable us to achieve the best for your child. You are welcome to come into school to discuss any concerns and to celebrate your child’s achievements.

I look forward to a happy and successful relationship with you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Phil Brooke



Welcome to Our School



 OFSTED February 2019 

"The school has a very clearly articulated vision, based on the three principles of ‘Care, Aspire, Achieve’. Everything that is done in the school stems from, and relates back to, these values. The focus on care provides a firm foundation for the warm, nurturing atmosphere in the school, where leaders show concern, not only for the welfare of pupils but also that of the staff. Aspiration is reflected in the consistently high expectations that staff have of pupils, as well as in the ambitions of the pupils themselves. Through frequent exposure to highly successful people in society, the pupils are determined to go far in their own lives, regardless of their backgrounds. Achievement is a central element in the school and this leads to the impressive rates of progress that pupils of all abilities make during their time at the school."


We are committed to delivering a curriculum which enables all our children to become confident and ambitious, lifelong learners. We aim to develop our children’s skills and knowledge as well as encouraging curiosity, aspiration and a love of learning that will continue into adulthood.

We are continually developing a more innovative and personalised approach to the curriculum with a focus on our children caring, aspiring and achieving. We are committed to achieving this vision by:

  • Working as a high performing team, being reflective practitioners and taking on feedback to enhance their practice
  • Using a positive mind-set to engage proactively and enthusiastically with change
  • Ensuring that all the decisions made in school work towards our shared vision and mission statement
  • Personalising the learning for the children and teaching transferrable skills
  • By supporting and developing the staff through high quality professional development
  • Engaging with the wider world more meaningfully and taking a ‘wider’, more holistic approach to curriculum provision
  • Listening to the views of all stakeholders and ensuring quality communication between all stakeholders




Alexandra Park Primary School provides the opportunity for our children and our families to care and to be cared for by:

  • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy school where everyone is respected and listened to.
  • Providing a curriculum that develops every child’s ability to care, respect and understand themselves, others and the world in which they live. A curriculum that also ensures that every child feels valued and cared for.
  • Providing a curriculum where children are encouraged to develop mutual respect and tolerance for each other and the community and where diversity is celebrated.
  • Providing opportunities through the curriculum, through the school council, ecoteam and playground pals for children to become active citizens that care for each other and the environment.
  • To provide the best education for our pupils through effective partnerships with parents, including effective pastoral support for our families.


Alexandra Park Primary School encourages everyone to aspire by:

  • Developing their love of learning, inspired by high quality teaching and thoughtful planning that is purposeful, collaborative and that motivates our children.
  • Providing a range of opportunities, designed to develop every child’s sense of what is possible for them to achieve now and in their future lives.
  • Providing opportunities and inspirational experiences so that children’s talents in many areas can be identified and developed.
  • Being proud of our local community and promoting links and networks to both local and international community, including links to local businesses, primary and secondary schools and local universities.
  • Striving to be a centre for truly excellent educators, where the staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice.
  • Providing parents with learning opportunities to enable them to support their children’s learning and to extend their own learning.


Alexandra Park Primary enables everyone to achieve and be proud of their achievements by:

  • Providing a curriculum that ensures all children have the skills, knowledge and crucially, the attitude to achieve in all aspects of their lives.
  • Providing a school where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling children to become confident and successful learners.
  • Having high expectations for every child and member of staff at Alexandra Park, so that all are encouraged to do their best and that strengths and talents in both children and staff are fostered and celebrated.
  • Ensuring that our curriculum provides opportunity for our children to become confident, resilient and independent learners.
  • Using information from a variety of assessments to ensure that teaching and learning is personalised to meet children’s needs so that all children make at least good progress from their starting points.