Special Education Needs and Inclusion

At Alexandra Park Primary School, we believe that all children are entitled to develop to their fullest potential academically, socially and emotionally and we are committed to ensuring that our school is a community where everybody feels able to thrive. Our curriculum and universal provision aims to support all learners. In addition, we have a graduated approach for those children needing further support. We have embedded a whole school approach and a clear understanding that every teacher is a teacher of SEND.  

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and our values of Care, Aspire, Achieve are weaved into everything we do. We aim to equip all learned with the belief, knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in the next stage of life. Our support aims to develop independence, we set ambitious targets for children and emotional wellbeing and enjoyment are paramount. We recognise and embrace the fact that every child is different and that their educational needs differ. We expect every child to fulfil their potential and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and the gifts and talents they have. For us, inclusion is about equal opportunities for all.

All our pupils have access to high quality teaching. We want our learners to feel included, make progress ,be successful and to enjoy school. Our teachers  build an ongoing, holistic understanding of our pupils and their needs and we have a positive and supportive environment for all children without exception. Teaching assistants work across the school and may support within some classrooms or offer small group work or intervention programmes as needed.

Professional dialogue between teachers and our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) means that children's needs can be identified at an early stage.  We follow an Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle to continuously monitor provision and, by working in partnership with other professionals, we continuously ensure that children are supported to make the best possible progress and that any barriers to learning are successfully addressed.

We value the involvement of our school community and hope you find the following information helpful in understanding the types of support provided for the children at Alexandra Park Primary School, and how and when these can be accessed.

Our SENCO is Mrs Charlotte Millward. If you have any questions regarding SEND please ring her on 0161 480 5557 or email on charlotte.millward@alexandraparkprimary.uk.

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