The Alexandra Park Oscars

The Alexandra Park Oscars are always a very special day in our school year, and one we all particularly look forward to. They were created to reward the outstanding effort of the children who excelled in demonstrating our school values of Care, Aspire, Achieve. However, over the years they have become much more than this! They are a celebration of everything which is great about all of the children in our school. The effort, talent and commitment of the Year 5 children and staff in creating such an amazing event for the other children is something very special. There are also our Oscar winners, who have consistently demonstrated our school values and should be extremely proud of their awards. However, it is the sense of pride, and happiness the children have for their classmates, friends, and siblings when they win is what makes them truly special. The moment when the winners are announced and the whole class smile and cheer is the best part of the school year.