Care in the Community Spring 1 2022

This half-term was the first time our children could be nominated for the ‘Care in the Community’ awards. The amount of nominations and levels of Care the children have shown has been humbling to see. Every child nominated is a ‘Care in the Community Champion’ and has received a certificate in assembly today. I will also have afternoon tea with them all on the first day back, which is hopefully something they will look forward to (It has been birthday parties this afternoon so we didn’t want them to miss this). We have selected some overall ‘Champions’ for the trophies:

The overall champion is Tilly in Year 6, who has been volunteering at Early Essentials Charity for the last 5 years! The charity makes newborn baby moses basket starter packs for women who have been referred to the charity by their health or social care professional. The women would not be able to provide these items for themselves and would not be able to provide their baby with a safe place to sleep without this help. The women who benefit from the charity’s hard work typically fall into one of the following categories:

Fleeing domestic violence
In financial crisis
Tilly regularly helps at our EE Manchester branch and is a well-loved team member.

When we decided on this award we thought it would be given to individual children. However, the next trophies we have chosen are all family awards, which I am really pleased about.

Ted, Ernie and their family’s litter picking since the first lockdown has been nothing short of incredible. Thanks to the family's effort, Edgeley is a much cleaner place, which is a great thing for all of us, and something I am sure we all appreciate, and agree should be rewarded.

The next family champions are Jude, Noah and family. I think these pictures show perfectly the efforts the whole family went to to support the Afghan refugees in the summer. Well done to the family and a huge thank you.

The final two champions are two brothers – Nicholas and Thomas. They were nominated by their mum who wanted to thank them for the support they have both provided for her and each other whilst she has not been well. Well done boys.