Care in the Community Summer 2 2022

I think most people know how much I enjoy Friday's celebration assembly. It’s always a joy to hear about the great things the children have been doing. This is even more special at the end of each half term when we celebrate our Care in the Community Champions. Today there was a great range of achievement, from helping snails from being crushed, to donating clothes to children in Russia. There was a great feeling of children taking action to help the environment and caring about the education of others. The other quality which stood out was the children's commitment to helping those less fortunate than themselves through a huge range of sponsorship activities and fundraising. We also had another staff winner, Mr Stanley, who gives up huge amounts of his weekend to run and coach basketball teams. He was also a legend at PGL, where he helped lots of children overcome their fears (and actually his own fears too as he scaled the climbing wall!)