Class Forums

One of our priorities is doing all we can to ensure that the children understand they have a voice, and that they can use this voice to create a better future for themselves, other people and the world they live in. To help develop this voice, the children participate in class forums three times per week. These are opportunities for children to discuss and provide feedback on their learning; our school values and learning behaviours; the key messages from Mondays’ values assemblies, British Values, but most importantly, things that are important to the children. We are very proud of our children and their ability to confidently and respectfully articulate their thoughts, feelings, concerns and areas for development which are important to them. Examples of changes to the school which have resulted from class forums include: the creation of a girls football club (and then once we established the club, increasing the numbers of coaches create an even bigger girls football club!), classes running small business and organising charity fundraising events, and a conversation with a class teacher and English lead, which resulted in changes to our writing teaching to provide the children with more opportunity for creativity in their writing. One class even sent a signed petition to Mr Brooke requesting they have the same teacher the following year. They then planned a presentation justifying how keeping the same teacher would help them in their final year at our school. As a result of this, the class teacher did move up with the class, proving to the children that their voice can make a difference! 

We are grateful for the feedback and contribution our children have on theirs and others learning and our school as a whole. In addition to the significant changes our children have contributed to, we know that children understanding individual liberty and having this regular time to voice their opinions is vital in creating a culture where children Care, Aspire and Achieve.