Celebrating Our Values

Our school values of Care, Aspire, Achieve are at the heart of every decision made at Alexandra Park School. Our first, and most important value is Care.  We strive to provide the highest level of Care for every child and we are very proud of the levels of Care our children demonstrate for each other, and the world they live in. This level of Care extends much further than our school walls and we value and respect the relationship with our parents and the position our school has in such a great community. We have built our curriculum around our school values and believe every lesson and interaction is an opportunity to develop our values. We have high expectations of the children and equally we have high expectations of ourselves. Our values are not just for the children, they are for us too. As a team we not only Care for the children but we Care for each other. We know that we are role models for our children and we always treat them with the same respect that we expect them to show others. 

We are passionate about providing our children with the greatest opportunities possible to succeed in school, and in their future. To truly Care for the children, we  believe that the highest level of education is the right of every child. An approach that supports this academic achievement - but achieves so much more - is our ‘Aspire Programme.’ We want all our children to be inspired to learn more about the world around them and the opportunities open to them so that they can become the scientists, leaders, musicians, sports people and entrepreneurs of the future. Through the Aspire Programme, children have the opportunity to work with businesses on a range of projects such as a £10 challenge, work with local councillors to develop our local park, work with artists and musicians and engage in a range of sporting opportunities. Our children have even played rugby with Prince Harry! They have listened to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, started a rock band and cycled at Manchester Velodrome. They have sung with thousands at the Young Voices event and, equally important, for a few at the local old people’s home.

We could not be prouder of all of our children, so please look through the areas on our ‘Celebrating our Values’ page to see some fantastic examples of how they Care, Aspire and Achieve!

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