Young Voices

5 Feb 2024

The choir of Alex Park, with children from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, joined 8,000 children to sing their hearts out at ‘Young Voices,’ one of the largest children’s choir concerts in the world. 

The event took place at the AO Manchester Arena and, following a full afternoon’s rehearsal under the inspirational conductorship of David Lawrence, thousands of school children from Wales and the North of England were ready to perform, to amaze the audience and to have the time of their lives. The children were lucky enough to be able to sing, dance and perform with the Beatbox Collective, Urban Strides dance group, violinist Anna Phoebe and Heather Small from M People.

There is nothing like hearing and watching so many young people singing together. The atmosphere is extraordinary. This event provides incredible inspiration for every child no matter what their musical background is. It gives them memories that will stay with them forever. The song choices ranged from classical pieces, through catchy television themes and on to modern day pop medleys. It was an awe-inspiring experience for everyone. For everyone it was an unforgettable afternoon and evening, a fabulous opportunity, a celebration of all sorts of music, an experience that will stay a memory for our children, staff, parents and carers for a lifetime.

We can’t wait till next year!