We are very happy to show any potential new parents and children around school - please contact the school office on 0161 480 5557 to arrange a visit.

Nursery show rounds:

Wednesday 27th September 10 am

Wednesday  8th November 10 am

Wednesday 6th December 10 am  

Wednesday 10th January 10 am

Reception show rounds: 

Wednesday 27th September 11 am

Wednesday  8th November 11 am

Wednesday 6th December 11 am  

Wednesday 10th January 11 am

All applications for places at Alexandra Park Primary School (Reception and in year transfers) must be completed online using the Stockport Council Admissions Website. Please read the online guidance carefully and ensure that applications are made before the appropriate deadline. We are a two form entry school with yearly intake of 60 children.  

In order to secure a place at Alexandra Park Primary School for your Reception child, you will need to complete a Local Authority Admissions form before the deadline provided by the Admissions Service. The local authority will offer places at the end of March. By end of April, parents have the right of appeal against a decision not to admit their child to the school of their choice. This must be in writing to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Children’s Services Division, Admissions Section, Town Hall, Stockport. SKI 3XE.

Under Stockport Council’s new scheme, all admissions are based on the child’s principal home address. In the case of a school being over-subscribed, places are allocated in the following order:

  1. Children in Care
  2. Children considered to have highly exceptional medical/social reasons.
  3. Children resident within the catchment area of the school with a sibling at the school at the time the younger child starts
  4. Children resident within the catchment area of the school
  5. Children resident outside the catchment area with a sibling at the school at the time the younger child starts
  6. Other children
  7. Applications received after the closing date ordered by the criteria detailed at (a) – (f) above.

If there is competition for places, applicants will be ordered by distance measured by a straight line between home and school using the council’s GIS mapping system.

In the summer term we hold meetings for new Reception parents. So that children (and parents) can become familiar with the classroom and teachers before they start school, during the Summer Term parents and children will be invited to visit the school. Staff also visit children in their nurseries and at home prior to them starting school as this helps to establish relationships and to gain a greater understanding of their needs. This is an ideal opportunity to share any worries or problems with the class teacher. The more aware we are of any difficulties, the more prepared we will be to deal with them when the child starts school, e.g. speech therapy, dietary problems, asthma, diabetes, allergies.

If you have any further questions regarding the admission process please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

To apply for a place in any Stockport School follow the link to Stockport School Admissions: