Care in the Community

One of our key aims as a school is to ensure that all children understand how important they are and how they can  contribute to our community. As a school, we promote our core value of Care and supporting others. In school, we provide the children with lots of opportunities to support others through being wellbeing leads, eco leads and roles which give them opportunities to help those around them in the classroom.

We take great pride in the fact that our children are kind, caring and helpful and are introduced to the Care in the Community Award to reward those who go above and beyond.

We encourage children to volunteer and give back outside of school. This can include helping around the  home, helping others or volunteering in the community. Each half-term, every child nominated will receive a Care in the Community certificate in assembly and a small number of children will be selected to receive the coveted Care in the Community trophies to celebrate their incredible achievements!

What do children need to do?

Step 1 – Help others! This can take any form so long as it takes place outside of school. They can do extra chores  around the home to help out, help their friends or family, fund raise or take part in some wonderful volunteering opportunities.

Step 2 –  Your child will need to record all of the wonderful things they have done which they can then  share with their teacher on the penultimate Friday of each half term. This can take any form you like. It could be a list of  everything they’ve done, photos of their activities or testimonials from people they have helped! It can be submitted via Seesaw or brought into school.

Step 3 – We select a number of overall winners from the submissions each half-term to receive the Care in the Community trophies. All children nominated will have an opportunity to celebrate their achievement in their own classes, receive a certificate in assembly and will be invited to the headteacher’s tea party.

We hope as many children as possible join us in encouraging your children to give back to others and understand why this is so  important.