Star of the Week

It is no secret at Alexandra Park that Mr Brooke’s favourite part of the week is the celebratory Star of the Week assembly, followed by the tea party in the afternoon with each week’s ‘star’. During Monday’s assembly there will be a focus for the week, which links to our school values, learning behaviours, British values, and the rights of children. Collectively, these all focus on children being their best versions of themselves, and receiving the level of care and education they deserve. This then means children have goals they can work towards over the week so they know exactly how they can become ‘Star of the week’. Alternatively, our children will often do something amazing which demonstrates our values and is not the week’s particular focus.

During the assembly every Friday, every teacher will stand up and say exactly why they are so proud of their star of the week. This is great for the star, but equally, it is always a joy to see how well their classmates respond to hearing and seeing who has won. There are usually a lot of high 5s as they walk proudly to the front to receive their sticker and certificate! 

During the tea party, we try to make the children feel special with drinks and biscuits and talk about why they have received their award. They also get to bring a piece of work they are proud of to share. Another important aspect is that we use it as a pupil voice. This means that every child over the course of the year knows that they have had an opportunity to give feedback to the headteacher about their education; what they feel are strengths of our school and how they feel we can improve. One noticeable change which has come from these meetings are the improvements to the children’s lunchtimes and the outdoor provision provided. It really is an absolute privilege to spend this time with the children and listen to what  they have to say!