Care in the Community Summer 1 2023

During the lead up to the coronation, we had a focus on volunteering. We were very grateful to our governors who came in and spoke to the children about their roles as volunteers. They discussed ways other people volunteered and encouraged the children to think about what they could do to help their community. During class forums, children discussed this in greater detail and looked at examples of where other people had volunteered, such as previous Care in the Community Champions and Mama Flo, a local resident who has won the Pride of Manchester Award. 

It was no surprise that we had lots of fantastic Care in the Community nominations. We really are proud of the amazing things so many of our children do to help others! They have embraced the spirit of volunteering and we are very proud of every one of them!

Edgeley must be the cleanest area in Stockport thanks to all our children who help collect litter. Thank you to Eloise and Taylor; Molly and Layton, Waseh, Emily, Harrison, Jorgie, Tilda and Grayson, Reggie, Charlie and Emily and to Mya, who also put up a poster to encourage people to put their litter in the bin.

It was great to hear how Luna has been volunteering with her mum at a local café and, along with Sol, has been helping her aunty. We are also proud of how Alana helped with the Coronation party at the care home where her mother works.

Martha and Robyn are always very active in our local community and have been helping an elderly friend with her shopping, and donating clothes to help homeless people. Thank you to Elanor too, who added a few treats to the weekly shop to give to a homeless person. Rakeem has also given a homeless person his pocket money, which was very kind of him.

Thank you to Molly who has donated her old toys to charity, as did Aadhya. Amelia has repeatedly helped others this year by donating her old toys, clothes and books, as has Julia.

Every year some of our children, including Indi, Georgia and Rosa have run a cake sale outside their house. This year they raised over £400 for the RSPCA, which is an amazing achievement they all should be very proud of. Eva also did a bake and yard sale and raised money for ‘choose love.’ It was great to see that Abby volunteered on the Autisk Coronation Fun Day, where she ran a snack stall for the day.

It was lovely to hear what a fantastic brother George has been whilst his brother was going through his surgery. Annabelle has also shown how caring she is helping her mother through a difficult time for their family. Olivia has also been helping her brother when he has had to go to hospital. Sometimes when children hurt themselves, they can’t run around on the playground as much as they would like. Thank you to Isabelle for staying with Evelyn whilst she had a poorly foot. Thea has also been nominated for the support she has shown her friends. Since Amelia has become a big sister, she has grown into the role helping her brother and doing more jobs around the house.

We are very proud of all of our nominees...