Enrichment Clubs


"I love going to different activities after school, particularly street dance and art. It’s the perfect opportunity to try things that I wouldn’t normally do and all the different ones I’ve tried have been entertaining and fun!”

We are passionate about providing our children with an inspirational primary school experience that helps them become the best version of themselves they can be, and our values of Care, Aspire and Achieve underpin everything we do. Our after-school club activities play a crucial part of our children’s experience at school and we believe the skills a child learns and the experiences they are part of during their time at school help to shape the kind of future they will lead. Through the range and quality of the clubs provided, we want to develop our children’s cultural capital, inspiring them  to learn more about both the world around them and about the opportunities open to them so that they can become the scientists, leaders, musicians, performers, sports people and entrepreneurs of the future.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure our after-school activities open doors to children and provide them with opportunities and experiences they will not only enjoy, but that will also allow them to develop new skills and build upon their ever-growing confidence and independence. Having opportunities to try new things instils confidence in children and our experience has shown that children who experience these enrichment activities have greater self-esteem, resilience and thrive from the opportunity to mix with different children in a new and exciting environment.

Our after-school activities provide a rich variety of positive experiences, and once a child has experienced achievement in one area, there is a tendency for it to then spread into other areas of their life.  These opportunities and experiences often provide a valuable catalyst for our children to create a sense of identity and belonging, offering them an exciting experience that allows them to excel, thrive and succeed in all areas of school life and beyond.

We understand that children’s experiences and opportunities for enrichment outside of school can vary for many reasons. It is therefore our utmost priority that all children have the opportunity to experience our range of activities, regardless of circumstance.

We have focused on ensuring we have a broad range of clubs and we strive to offer an activity which appeals to every child in our school. As well as football training and sessions for our school teams, every week you will also see our children playing dodgeball, singing, acting, dancing, baking, working with artists, experimenting as scientists, and even performing as part of our school rock bands. These experiences work as a catalyst to inspire children and we believe that through these opportunities we are providing our children with the greatest opportunities possible to succeed and be happy, both now and in their future lives.

Boxing club  - There are two boxing clubs which take place during Friday lunchtimes. These are open to all Year 5 and Year 6 children and run by Mr Brooke. The children do not need to sign up and are welcome to come along any week they choose. There are some that dip in and out, and there are others that never miss a session. 

Baking club  - Baking club is always our most popular club and now runs on two different nights, Mondays and Thursdays. The club is open to all children and it’s always nice to see how the older children support and help the younger ones. Mrs Lockett and Mrs Brown take these sessions where the children not only learn to bake but also learn about food hygiene, preparation and a healthy diet. Although it wouldn’t be a baking club if they didn’t make a few treats! 

Dodgeball - Our children absolutely love playing dodgeball. In previous years, some have even gone on to represent Greater Manchester in the sport! Dodgeball club has a real focus on fun and prepares the children well for when they play against the teachers in the summer! 

Choir - We are delighted that so many children enjoy being a part of our school choir. This is a club open to all and there is no cost to parents. The children learn a range of songs and also get the opportunity to perform with thousands of other children at the Young Voices concert held at the MEN arena! 

Science club - If you look at our science page in the curriculum area, you will see how passionate we are as a school to provide an unrivalled science experience for our children. Our science teachers run a club for our budding scientists every Wednesday, where the children get to broaden their knowledge and develop a greater love and appreciation of science.

Art club - We employ a range of professional artists to come in and run our art clubs. We feel it is important that our children benefit from working with people who are experts in their field. It matches our Aspire value and hopefully broadens our children’s horizons about what potential careers are available to them, especially if they are creative or excel in the arts. 

Football - We know how important football is to many of our children so we have another school football club which is open to all children from Reception to Year 6. In addition to this, we have a boys and girls team who have an additional coaching session and regularly enter competitions across Stockport.

Performing Arts - After we returned from lockdown, we looked at ways to develop the children’s confidence and their ability to work with each other towards a shared goal. In school, we created additional sessions for performing arts, which have been hugely popular and we can see how much pride the children take in their performances. Anne Marie, our performing arts specialist, also runs two clubs after school. We are also delighted that many of our children attend her dance sessions at the weekend too.  

Drama is something that we have tried to weave through our curriculum. There are so many benefits to the children. The first and most important one being - they love it! It also helps them empathise with other people’s viewpoints and is invaluable in bringing learning to life for our children. We are very fortunate that Mrs Hotten was a professional actress and drama teacher before she became a primary teacher so she also drives this across our school and supports our staff in developing drama as a method to enhance teaching and learning. We are always looking for ways to inspire our children and help them increase their interests, so we offer drama as an after school club every Wednesday.