Design and Technology

At Alexandra Park Primary School, we believe that Design Technology inspires pupils’ curiosity, expresses their creativity, and encourages the development of lifelong skills through exploration and practical opportunities. Children are given opportunities to add depth to their knowledge of purposeful design, technological processes and productive reflection, through high quality teaching and a range of written and practical tasks that suit learner needs. Within Design Technology, children will explore a range of subject areas including structures, textiles, food and nutrition, mechanical and electrical systems. The curriculum aims to enhance children’s knowledge of DT in these areas, while also building upon a range of essential skills that can be applied in a variety of contexts, such as problem solving, resilience, decision-making, self-reflection, and critical and creative thinking. The Design Technology curriculum ensures that such knowledge and skills are transferable to other subjects, enabling children to make cross-curricular links. Units of work are planned to follow the ‘Project on a Page’ scheme and progression grids and yearly overviews are designed to ensure that learning is sequential and developed over time throughout the school. This allows children to reflect and build on prior learning, thoroughly understand the 4 key concepts: Research, Design, Make, Evaluate, and develop their fundamental skills to ensure that children know more and experience more.