Eco Team

Our Eco Team is led by child representatives from each class throughout school and Miss Cresswell, Mrs. Sorsby and Mrs. Roebuck . We also have support from Mr Chambers (Site Manager) and Mr Thompson (Site Officer). The Eco Team meet each half term to discuss updates and environmental issues.

In July 2017 Alexandra Park Primary School received the Green Flag Award for a third time after receiving the first flag in July 2013! We are very proud to have achieved our 3rd Green Flag. The children in our Eco Team demonstrate care throughout the year by being active members of the team. The assessor was very impressed by how the team work together to keep moving green issues forward across school.

Assessor’s Comments

“This school is astonishing; you would so want your children to go here. The Eco warriors are totally dedicated, bright, hardworking team with children clamouring to join.”

Green Week

Every year we have a ‘Green Week’ to improve our school grounds and to encourage recycling throughout school. We enjoy planting in both playgrounds and completing Eco Trails!

Links with the Community

We work closely with Morrisons to help promote their ‘Let’s Grow’ campaign. We have been on a tour of Market Street and enjoyed sampling some tasty treats! We also met Ann Coffey who wanted to know about our Green Weeks. Morrisons very kindly donated some plants and seeds! We visit local schools and they also come to our school to work on current green issues. We also support our local allotments throughout the year.

Eco Reward Trip

Every year we reward the Eco Team for all their hard by taking them to Bruntwood Park in Cheadle. The children follow an Eco trail around the park as well as exploring the adventure playground. The children have the opportunity to go on a wildlife hunt and have a picnic!

A Message from Miss Cresswell

A huge thank you to all our Eco Warriors who work hard to keep our school green. Remember, if you have any questions or ideas put them in the suggestions box.

Thank you to all the children who applied to be on this years Eco Team. It was a very hard decision and I am very pleased to announce that the following children have made it on the the team and they are now officially Eco Warriors!


Class 1 – Walter

Class 2 – Kensey

Year 1

Class 3 – Ben

Class 4 – Elizabeth

Year 2

Class 5 –Harvey

Class 6 – Freddie

Year 3

Class 7 – Evie

Class 8 – Ava-Mae

Year 4

Class 9 – George

Class 10 – Hamish

Year 5

Class 11 – Elise

Class 12 – Erin

Year 6

Class 13 – Michal

Class 14 – Maria

Eco Warrior Helper - Matthew

Their duties will include promoting recycling around school, encouraging their peers to reduce and recycle, attend 'Eco Warrior' meetings and help with day to day recycling. As you can imagine the children are very proud of their new role. Miss Cresswell

The Eco Team 2017-2018