Alex Voice

Our Parent Forum Alex Voice is a vital part of our school. It is one of the many opportunities where we as a school can gather feedback from our parents about what is working well and potential areas where we can improve. Every parent is invited to be part of our Alex Voice community and you are welcome to attend any meeting. Pre-school aged children are welcome and we will provide cakes, tea and biscuits as an incentive to come! We hope that you feel it is an inviting environment where everyone’s opinion is valued. We appreciate that it can be difficult for all our parents to attend. To ensure we gain the opinions of as many parents as possible a letter is sent out the week before to ask for any suggestions from parents who cannot attend the meeting. We will also upload minutes from each meeting here to keep all parents informed. We hope to see you at an Alex Voice meeting soon. 

Autumn 1 Review
Spring 1 Review