Collaboration with Schools and Alliances

At Alexandra Park we believe that working collaboratively with other schools and educational institutions are essential to our teaching and to improving the children’s learning.

Manchester Metropolitan University

We are in an Advanced Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. This award is in recognition of the excellent work we do supporting their trainee teachers, some of which have become members of our own teaching staff. In addition to this we also work with Linda Hammersley Fletcher, one of their education lecturers, who comes into school to support our staff with action research. She also works with our senior leadership team, supporting us and challenging our thinking when it comes to strategic development. This relationship is invaluable and helps us ensure the decisions we make are based on sound educational research and the best interest of the children at our school.

Alliance for Learning

We are very proud to be members of the Alliance for Learning. Joining an alliance of schools has allowed to access are far greater range of learning opportunities than would be available to a single school. As part of their SCITT partnership, we have the opportunity to help develop the teachers of the future and Mrs Wood, Miss Garratt and Mr Read are mentors for SCITT students. Mr Brooke, Mrs Millward and Mr Jowett are all teacher trainers on the SCITT programme and lead training in English, feedback and marking and behaviour for learning. Members of our staff have had opportunity to train on leadership programmes like Outstanding Teacher Programme along with attending additional training on OFTSED and how to maximise the impact of our teaching assistants in supporting children’s learning.

Gatley Teaching School

For a number of years Mr Brooke has worked with Gatley Teaching School and the local authority as an SLE (Specialist Leader Education) for mathematics. Through this position he has been able to support other local schools and help teacher develop their confidence and mathematics teaching. The experience and expertise he has gained through providing this support has helped develop mathematics teaching at Alexandra Park Primary. Mrs Wood, Mr Williams and Mrs Trafford-Haigh have participated in the Mastery Programme for the teaching of mathematics and their knowledge has been used to improve the teaching of mathematics within the school.


National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

Alexandra Park Primary is a strategic partner of the NCETM North Hub One. The maths team is led by Mr Brooke, a Specialist Leader in Education in Mathematics, a NCETM Maths Mastery Specialist and Deputy Head Teacher. As a team, we work with the NCETM to develop mathematics teaching in our own and other schools through a range of training and research projects.

National Government

We are very proud of Mr Read who is one of twenty one teachers nationally who are part of a Teacher Reference Group that acts as sounding board, advising on the potential impact of policies on schools. As a member of the group, he supports policy development and implementation across Depart of for Education advising senior ministers and officials, such as Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, by contributing views, offering valuable challenge and advice, and providing feedback.

Stockport Local Authority

Mrs Johnson chaired Primary Heads Consortium from 2013 to 2015. This involved close liaison with Primary Headteachers and members of the local authority, including advising on admissions, changes to the way schools are funded and on changes to Special Needs on offer in Stockport. Mrs Johnson also worked with members of the local authority on the 0-25 Special Needs offer, prior to changes in the policy and practice for Special Needs. Mrs Johnson represented Primary Headteachers at Stockport Safeguarding Board and sat on the management committee for Primary Behaviour Support Service. 

Mr Brooke is part of the Edgeley Heads network, with the main purpose of improving learning and outcomes for children in the Edgeley area.

Local networks

Deputy Head Cluster

Alexandra Park is part of a very supportive and proactive deputy head cluster. The deputies work together sharing good practice across all areas of teaching and learning. Last year there was a particular focus on developing a robust and consistent moderation system for writing. Other areas where this collaboration has benefited our school is in the development of ‘growth mindset’ strategies and Teaching Assistant development.

School Business Manager Cluster

Mrs Sorsby is the School Business Manager at Alexandra Park Primary School and is member of the Senior Leadership Team and an Associate Governor. Mrs Sorsby leads the School Office Team, and School Site Team. Responsibilities include Financial Management, Personnel, Estate Management, Whole School Administration, Strategic Planning and School Support. Mrs Sorsby has completed the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in School Business Management through the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Alexandra Park Primary School is part of a thriving School Business Manager cluster who meet at the school on a half term basis. The meetings are based on a combination of presentations, discussion and sharing expertise based around financial management, staffing, suppliers, procurement and policies.

Stockport Academy

Aims of the Partnership

  • To enable both schools to share best practice for the benefit of all students.
  • To support students moving from Alexandra Park to Stockport Academy in achieving academic excellence as a result of effective pastoral and academic support.
  • To ensure that students make maximum progress in preparation for transition to high school and those teachers in year 7 can build on accurate starting points; particularly in Maths and English.
  • To support students from primary schools making maximum progress by enabling the academy to have a more accurate understanding of students starting points based on key performance indicators used across feeder primaries.
  • To enable staff teaching year 6 and 7 to have a clearer understanding of the whole picture with regards to students’ progress prior to and beyond their own provider.

To achieve these aims we will;

  • Identify school to school collaboration coordinators in each school to ensure an effective and purposeful sharing of ideas and information to strive for excellence.
  • Create effective shared CPD opportunities for staff in both schools.
  • Provide shared staff meetings/ events – inviting relevant and appropriate staff in each provider.
  • To enable shared observation and learning walks between Alexandra Park and Stockport Academy, enabling staff to share ideas and most effective teaching practice.
  • Share information in relation to attainment of students transferring between schools to facilitate maximum progress from an accurate starting point in year 7.
  • Facilitate shared learning opportunities and celebration of success such as competitions and events so that students can work together in developing skills for the future.
  • Create shared moderation opportunities between Stockport Academy, Alexandra Park Primary school in addition to other local schools as appropriate.
  • Create opportunities for students in both schools to work with each other in order to prepare primary school students for transition to high school and equip Stockport Academy students in developing mentoring and support skills.
  • Stockport Academy will provide pastoral support of year 6 students who may struggle with transition to high school.
  • Stockport Academy will provide opportunities for students to access the academy so that they are familiar with the learning environment prior to transition including but not exclusive to Summer School, Prize giving and sports events.

Transition to Alexandra Park Primary School

We have very strong links with many of our local nurseries. To help develop consistency of approach we work closely with Alexandra Park Pre School throughout the year on developing phonics and early number support. Alexandra Park Pre School children work closely with Reception in the summer term and take part in joint Pedal Days and theme days such as Water Day. This supports early transition and allows the children to get to know our Reception Team. All local Nurseries attend our workshops and information events that we host throughout the year. Sarah Cresswell, Head of Early Years, co-leads the local cluster group that meets each half term to discuss current issues in Early Years and provide support within the cluster. To support our families with transition we visit every child at home during the summer term. We value this opportunity as we get to know our children in their own environment and develop early links with parents. We also visit local Nurseries in the summer term and liaise with staff to ensure that the children’s individual needs are met.

Transition to Secondary Schools

At the end of Year 6, the majority of our pupils transfer to either Stockport Academy or Cheadle Hulme High School. Our staff liaise with all of the schools that pupils transfer to so that the transition process can be as smooth as possible for each pupil. This includes passing on relevant information so that each pupil’s achievement can be built upon when they start in Year 7. We recognise that some pupils and their parents need additional support in the process of transition. We offer additional support when needed, including early advice on transition arrangements, organisation of additional visits to schools for both pupils and parents and activities to help prepare pupils for the change to secondary school.


At Alexandra Park business is an integral part of our curriculum. We acknowledge that is it not a primary school subject but we feel that it is helps develop an understanding of the real world; creates new and exciting learning opportunities for children and reinforces a lot of the work from other curriculum subjects. To add to this is helps us develop the Aspire value that is central to our school’s vision. Running business projects in school, such as the £10 challenge, and inviting in business people to talk to the children has led to the development of in collaboration with Simon Thompson, founder of Accommodations for Students. This website provides opportunities for other schools and businesses to work collaboratively on projects with our support.